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Virtual Office - Coworking Space - South Bend Indiana

“The ultimate in business facility flexibility.”

CoworkingThe way business works is changing, you see it everywhere. The pretense, the protocol and the presumptuousness are being replaced with flexibility, competence and efficiency everywhere you look. On the cutting edge is Virtual Office and Co-working Space in South Bend Indiana at The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre Located in the center of Downtown South Bend Indiana, it’s a great place for your business to start, or to stay.

With our Virtual Office and Co-Working packages, you can work wherever and whenever you choose without the worry of missing a client’s call, a package delivery, or drop-in customer as it’s all part of the package. The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre is the face as well as the business end of your business. You have a mailing address and a receptionist to take calls and greet clients during normal business hours – but you only pay for an office when or if you need one.

Sometimes you don’t even need that. Just need a space to sit and work for a minute or two..or meet for a few minutes? Co-working space is tailored for that. Or if you want a place to meet and work with associates for a whole day, it works for that too. Non-assigned, non-reserved, it’s waiting on you when you need it. And it’s included in the cost of the Virtual Office Packages.

A local landline telephone is ready and waiting in the Co-working Center as is wireless internet.  Virtual Office and Co-working in South Bend at The Executive Suite at Jefferson Center has what you need, when you need it! And once you pay the low monthly package fee, you’re only charged for what you use. It’s the ultimate in business office flexibility and it’s located in the center of Michiana’s legal, professional, commercial hub.

Click here or call today and explore the affordable ultimate in Virtual Office – Co-working Space in South Bend Indiana.

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