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Virtual Office Space in South Bend

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Jeffrey FreersAlong with Full Executive Offices, the staff of the Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre offers their professional experienced staff as the key ingredient in Virtual Office Space in South Bend as well. They provide administrative services from telephone reception to assistance with all of the other tasks needed to keep your business running efficiently. As your provider of Virtual Office Space in South Bend we put a professional face on your business to the world and keep it running smoothly in the back room as well.

For our clients who have traded the long term leases, unpredictable utility bills, cumbersome service contracts, unexpected common area maintenance costs and the faceless landlords of traditional office space for the assurance and flexibility of Executive Office Space or Virtual Office Space in South Bend, having our experienced team under the same roof completes the package. 

For those clients that don’t have a need for a full-time Office Space in South Bend, our Virtual Office Space – South Bend packages include the experience of our staff  along with a downtown address and full reception service, access to Meeting Rooms, a full range of business equipment and Videoconferencing

When you are looking for assistance with your business, not just anyone will do. Founded in 1992, The Executive Suite has a history of owners who are both business leaders and community activists.  Now owned by The Freers Corporation, The Executive Suite is operated by its owner Jeffrey Freers, a third generation small business owner and a life-long resident of Northern Indiana. 

In addition to an active and engaged owner, The Executive Suite employs a professional, experienced staff that is able to bring unprecedented expertise to your most demanding projects. Together, the owner and staff combine over 80 years of business experience to provide you with the very best Office Space and Virtual Office Space in South Bend Indiana.  

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Welcome to our new website. Please browse through it to learn more about The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre and how it can make your business better, more efficient and more client friendly. Mention this website when you take your tour and you will receive FREE internet and telephone installation when you sign a contract for as little as 1 year! It’s a $140 value.

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The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer... He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen. -Robert L. Schwartz


“Trying to work out of my home is impossible.  Clients aren’t comfortable meeting me there and I really don’t want them in my house either.   I have to have someplace away from home to meet with clients.”