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Meeting Rooms - South Bend Indiana

“Meet me in…???”

Where do you meet with clients and associates? 

Conference RoomYou don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, we understand. However, did you know there is an alternative to holding your meetings in a local coffee shop or other “non business” venues that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Of course clients of The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre have access to four Meeting Rooms and an Office-by-the-Hour as well as all of the other Executive Suite facilities. They choose when they need space and we reserve it for them – and they only pay for the time they use.

Did you know that Meeting Rooms at The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre are available to be reserved and rented by everyone? Yes it’s true and they generally cost less than if you buy a Large Latte for all those in attendance.

Meeting RoomThe reasons vary for needing a place to meet. Business people who are in town temporarily and need a place to conduct business only occasionally…sometimes even just once. Even local businesses are short of space from time to time or need  an off-premise room for a focus group or a confidential meeting. The Meeting Rooms at The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre in South Bend do not have ears! They can even book a block of rooms for your meeting or offices for a reduced rate!
Training RoomThe Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre is located at the confluence of three Court Houses, arts and entertainment, sports, fine dining, transportation as well as Michiana’s legal, professional, commercial and cultural hub. That makes their Meeting Rooms easily
accessible and they offer a “neutral” location for a variety of commercial, legal and professional needs

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