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Business Support Services - South Bend Indiana

"Feel like the Lone Ranger??"

If you do, you’re not alone. It’s a common feeling among small business owners, but you don’t have to. More than professional offices, virtual offices, co-officing space and conference rooms The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre is at your elbow, ready to provide Business Support Services in South Bend, because you need them even if you’re just down the hall in your office…or especially if you’re across town or across the country.

Receptionist Professional office Meeting Room

Reception Service

Included in our Full Executive and Virtual Office Packages, our reception service puts a friendly, professional face on your business. Whether it’s answering the phone, greeting your walk-in clients in our spacious lobby or receiving your mail and parcels, your office is more than just open. It’s up, operating and ready for business…regardless of where you are. 

Telephone Service and Voicemail

Also included in our Full Executive and Virtual Office Packages, a fully digital land-based telephone line grounds your business in a professional location. And the included voicemail lets you concentrate on the person you’re with or the task at hand. Your line will be professionally answered according to your direction leaving you to handle calls at the most opportune time…whether you’re in the office or not.
High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet is also included in the Full Executive Office Package. Just like everywhere, right? Except at the Executive Suite at Jefferson Center it is truly fast. Connected to the Michiana Metronet, its 20 Megabit fast…upload AND download speed. It’s a truly professional connection for true professionals.

But that’s Just a Start…

Everyone seems to agree that this is quite a list of Business Support Services in South Bend, but so far it’s just what’s included with our office packages. A full list of what we can do for your business reads like a list of everything it does…because it is! Take at look, because….

Fax Scan Black and White Copies
Videoconferencing Word Processing DeskTop Publishing
Project Help Color Copies Filing
Bookkeeping Concierge Services Catering

….these are just a partial list of the things we do. For a full list of all the available Business Support Services in South Bend Indiana, let your imagination run wild!

We Make it Easy…

The “extras” are listed by line-item on your monthly invoice. Everything your business needs …from one supplier…on one bill….paid with one check.

Click here to find out more or contact us TODAY about Business Support Services in South Bend and ask if we “do that”. We HATE to say no!

Did You Know?

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